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Make Tokyo Your Home

World Neighbors sets new standards in what renting in Japan can look like. More than just amazing facilities, this is an entirely new way of thinking about co-living spaces. Inspired to connect people, this is the new place-to-be for ambitious students and young professionals who want to enjoy the best of Tokyo.

Find your 


World Neighbors has been carefully designed to bring incredible people together. Our community might just contain your next friend, lover or mentor.


every day

Learn a new skill, expand your mind, let loose and unwind. Our international and Japanese residents are learning new things from each other every day.

Short or


Discover true flexibility and join us for as long as you want: dip your toes in for a month, or go steady for a year. You decide.



Enjoy game-changing convenience in one all-inclusive bill. We take care of everything, so you can just focus on what moves you.


A new way to rent

Finding an apartment in Japan has always been a very tedious process. Complicated applications, ridiculous move-in fees, no English support, etc.

With World Neighbors, we seek to re-invent the concept of renting in Japan and make you discover the true meaning of the word "Convenience" so you can purely focus on your experience.

No deposit. No Key Money. No commission. No cleaning fee... Enjoy a flat monthly rent throughout your entire stay - utilities and Internet included! All rooms are also fully furnished as well.

Sign your contract online before coming, pick-up your keys directly on-site, check-out by yourself.


It's simple as that!

See what our members say


"For me, co-living is home. Everyone's so International. You learn so much from people here."


"Co-living means creating communities. Community to me means that everyone can help each other."


"Being together is the best feeling ever. There's someone from every walk of life to connect with and I think it's unique."



Community starts at home

The first floor is where everything connects, with a luxurious lounge to share with your neighbors 24 hours of the day. With the latest kitchen appliances and large screen TV, the furniture is very high-end and designed with both comfort and interaction in mind. Enjoy both the perfect balance of privacy and community, definitely something that can only be enjoyed at World Neighbors.


This 100m² lounge is the best place to socialize and enjoy some quality time with other fellow tenants.


A stylish outdoor terrace area reminiscent of a high-class resort. Soak in the skyline with a nice cold drink.


You’ll also find everything you need in the kitchen to cook and enjoy a nice dinner at home with your friends. 


Most rooms are larger than 13m² and while compact, more than adequate space for a single person living their life in Tokyo is provided. The highlight of the rooms is the private showers and toilets, unlike many other communal residences, enjoy the utmost privacy in your own room. Every room is fully furnished! Thus, all the little things like WiFi and utilities are all included in one bill – no matter how long you’re with us.


Size: 1R /13m²

What's included?

Semi-double bed

Private bathroom

Bathroom amenities & towels


Washing machines & tumble dryers (shared)

High-Speed internet

All bills included


Why World Neighbors?



No deposit, no key-money, no commission, no cleaning fee... Flat monthly rent throughout your entire stay - utilities included! No stress dealing with electricity and gas bills in a foreign language. 



All rooms come furnished with a semi-double bed, appliances and basic amenities. Free WiFi is also included. Move-in with just one suitcase and start your life in Japan right away!

Imcomparable Quality

Meticulously designed property, offering the perfect blend of private space and public interaction. More than just amazing facilities, this is an entirely new way of thinking about living-spaces!

Real Cultural


There is no better way to understand the Japanese way of thinking and Japanese culture than to live with Japanese people. Our international and Japanese residents are learning new things from each other every day.



Let our friendly bilingual staff help you with the whole procedure and even after moving to Japan. An English resident handbook to start your life in Japan will also be offered to you.




Apply for your room online

Sign your contract online

Pick up your key on-site






Moving in

Easy payment by credit card

Moving out

・Conduct the move-out inspection by yourself

・Simply send us pictures before moving out




8 minutes walk from Ebisu Station and within walking distance to Nakameguro, Daikanyama and Shibuya, this positively hip and sophisticated Social Apartment joins the ranks of our prestigious property list. Offering prime access to central suburbs throughout Tokyo, World Neighbors Ebisu will make this metropolitan city your concrete playground.

For those who know Ebisu Station well, you will know how flexible the access routes can be. Home to three JR Lines; the Yamanote, Shonan-Shinjuku and Saikyo line are all ready to take you toward any direction. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the Hibiya Line that can casually carry you to popular destinations such as Roppongi, Hiroo and Ginza. With a convenient central location, missing the last train is not a worry, as a taxi-ride back home will surprise you with how affordable and quick it is.

World Neighbors Ebisu

2-1-21 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061

From Shibuya Station

From Roppongi Station

From Shinjuku Station

From Shinagawa Station

2-min by train

6-min by train

8-min by train

11-min by train


How long can i move in for?

We offer memberships for 4, 6, 9 and 12 months. Simply renew your membership if you want to stay longer – and you can renew as many times as you like! Many of our members stay for a year or two.

Can I move in as a couple?

Of course! As a couple, you can move into our studios or one bed apartments, suited for two.

Is there any hidden fee?

家賃及び共益費の他に、予約~審査、その他事務手続きの費用として、予約手数料 11,000円と清掃費16,500円が発生します。

Who should I can contact during my stay?

契約期間中に生じた問題に関するお問い合わせはご予約番号・お名前・お問い合わせ内容を記載の上、 にお問い合わせください。

What furniture is available in the room?

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